The most amazing place on earth, you haven’t been to

I got married a few months ago, and during the ceremony, the priest was trying to explain a ritual to our guests so he asked me, “what’s your favourite place?” I was quick to answer “The grocery store.” He didn’t quite understand so he asked me again, and I repeated a bit louder “GROCERY STORE,” much to the amusement of my closest family & friends who know me well.

The truth is that I love being surrounded by food; there’s nothing like fresh produce, fragrant spices, and basic ingredients that are calling out to be measured, mixed & modified.

This blog, my personal homage to some of my favourite ingredients, vegetables, is fueled by my deep love for food. I can’t say for sure where this love affair for food began, but I would place most bets on Wegmans….
Entrance at Wegmans
Just a few of the goodies at the foot of the store.

Oh Wegmans (deep sigh), the very first love of my life.

Wegmans has the magic of Disney, the allure of a sunny vacation and the character of Atticus Finch, all in one. Before Whole Foods made “good food” trendy, before the days of the much loved Trader Joes brand, or any other specialty food store, there was Wegmans. I grew up in Williamsville, NY, where Wegmans was our local grocery store. Talk about being spoiled by fate.

With the familiarity & accessibility of a local grocer, Wegmans reigns supreme. I have been telling people my entire life that it is the best grocery store in the world (some say, the best company!)  Oh yes, we now have many glossy, glitzy places where we can grocery shop- but those are all in the embryonic stages compared to the wonderland that is Wegmans. But I will stop here because after all, not everyone will share my consistent devotion; but those people are just plain wrong.

You don’t have to take my word for it, but do me a favour; next time you take a trip to Buffalo (or any of the 80+ other cities that house Wegmans stores), do your trip some real justice by perusing the endless treats that Wegmans has to offer. Satisfaction guaranteed.


ps: I am not affiliated with Wegmans in any way (I wish!), they have not paid me nor sponsor any part of this blog.