Veg Around Town: Toronto’s Porter House

My Habibi and I recently celebrated a fun milestone- we passed one year together as a married couple- or as he likes to joke “two becomes One.” In the days leading up to our first anniversary it was fun reminiscing about the festivities: the high levels of joy mixed in with frenzy, the mind-boggling number of details, the yummy food, and of course our friends & family near and far who dedicated their week(end) to helping & celebrating with us.


Since we had two ceremonies over two days, we now get our pick of two “anniversaries.”


We marked the occasion(s) in unassuming and largely unplanned ways. On the second day, we both came home from a long day of work and decided to finally make a trip down to Porter House– an all vegan pub that opened up in downtown Toronto a few months ago.

Back in January I blogged about an article in the Globe and Mail that deliberated on the growing veg-an/atarian food scene in Toronto and Vancouver. In it I pledged to write more about the wonderful food-centric places in my locale and on my jaunts and tag these posts as ‘Veg Around Town.’

Celebrating yummy cuisine wherever we find it!
Celebrating yummy cuisine wherever we find it!

The first in the series is about the fabulous Porter House. As someone who lived in England for nearly a decade, I do not need to be sold on “pub fare”, which is often indulgent, comforting and delicious. Porter House is just that- without animal products. Blasphemy, you say? I dare you to try one of their hefty mains and not leave satisfied.

We chose:

BBQ jackfruit porter house vegan pub toronto

the BBQ jackfruit sandwich

lentil and ale pie porter house vegan pub toronto

And the lentil & ale pie.

The jackfruit sandwich was so damn delicious- tangy, smoky and cooked just right. The lentil & ale pie had earthy flavours of parsnip, carrot, peas & lentils encrusted in gorgeously flaky puff pastry. We liked both, though the jackfruit sandwich was the clear winner. The pie did not disappoint, but I was hoping for a “saucier” filling.

We were so stuffed after dinner that we didn’t sample any of the dessert- but there’s always next time!

This cozy spot downtown fills up fast, and with choices like Ploughman’s Lunch and Yuba Sandwiches to onion bhajis and bread pudding, I’m hardly surprised. It’s guaranteed to satisfy a diverse range of palates so if you haven’t been and you live in the GTA, get a move on!

I am already counting down the days when I can visit again and already know what I’m going to get… Yuba sandwich for the win!