Day 17: Charred Beet Burger on Lettuce


Beets have really been my friend these past few weeks. For me, the key to eating salads or anything vegetable-centric, is sticking to what’s in season. In Toronto that means beets, cabbage and carrots; my CSA box has been brimming with these goodies.

Whenever I have a bunch of beets I always save one to make a batch of these amazing beet burgers. This is another Isa Chandra Moskowitz recipe. She is my food h-e-r-o!

For my frenzied palate, these burgers are perfectly seasoned and taste like a lot of goodness.

I ate this on a bed of crisp lettuce. That’s all!


21 day

Day 16: Easy Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

photo 2

Friends! I know a lot of people found it odd for me to upload a picture of my cookie breakfast from yesterday. After all, this is 21 days of salad for breakfast. I know! I know!

I had to be honest with all of you and tell you that I accidentally left my breakfast at home. It was also my way of saying that I’m not on point 108% of the time! No matter how much I plan and prepare, there are always wild cards at play. And I’m okay with that!

It’s day 16 and I still feel as though I’m stretching myself, thinking outside of the box and challenging my own food habits. It’s great fun! And that’s what it’s all about 🙂

This morning I managed to eat my breakfast from yesterday: carrot cake overnight oats. Have you guys ever tried overnight oats? It’s all the rage online! I’ve tried a peanut butter banana version which is scrumptious. This time, I decided to make a ‘carrot cake’ version with freshly grated carrot, pecans and cinnamon.

photo 1

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats for one

What I’m listening to

Amel Larrieux- Get Up


1/3 cup oatmeal

1/3 cup soy milk (or milk of your preference)

Splash of vanilla (if you’re using a vanilla soy milk, you probably don’t need this)

¼ cup grated carrot

Handful of chopped pecans

1 T chia seeds

1 T hemp seeds

¼ t cinnamon

What I do

Add all the ingredients to a medium sized mixing bowl. Mix. Cover with plastic wrap or a plate. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can eat this straight from the bowl, or heat for 30 seconds in the microwave for a warm treat.



21 day

Day 14: Only one week left!


This morning we had to go to a friends for brunch, so I decided to ‘pre-game’ on the last of the potato pancakes from yesterday.

Friends! Thanks for following along with me on this journey. It’s been two weeks and it’s definitely been challenging at times.

The biggest aid has been advance preparation. I try and decide what I’m going to have throughout the week on the weekend and prepare my veggies in advance. Whether it’s chopping, grating, or roasting, it’s so helpful to have containers of different ingredients ready to go. This way I can mix and match as the week goes along.

Another thing I’ve realized is that if I take the time to eat breakfast at home, it’ll make the rest of the day just a bit better. When I take my breakfast with me to work, 8/10 times it won’t be eaten.

These are simple but immensely helpful learning’s.

What are your own breakfast rituals? Do you have sweet/savoury preference?


21 day

Day 13: Isa’s perfect potato pancakes


Saturday morning offered a welcome chance to slow down and make something wonderful. So this morning I made Isa’s delicious latke’s. Warm, crisp, perfectly seasoned potato pancakes with some apple sauce, to be exact. Her recipe is perfect; the only modification I made was to throw in some cayenne powder!

We ate this with some steamed spinach and chai!

Happy Saturday ya’ll! Day 13 done!


Day 12: Leftover Friday salad with warm lentils

leftover salad

Friends! Allow me this lazy Friday salad. A beautiful bouquet of all the little bits I have left in my fridge were thrown into a giant bowl. Can you identify all the ingredients?

It’s got red quinoa, roasted carrot, roasted beets, roasted parsnip, parsley, lettuce, red cabbage and some warm lentils. The best part? I think the distinctly sweet roasted parsnip- the clear winner!

Leftover Fridays! Enough salad for breakfast, dinner, and maybe breakfast again? We’ll see…


21 day

Day 11: Creamy avocado toast


My favourite and most comforting breakfast is toast and chai. I love toast. Plain toast. Toast with a lil something something. Mushrooms on toast. Toast with apple cinnamon jam.

Yup I love toast. When I was a grad student in London I used to make this. It was a bit of a speciality. Creamy luxurious avocado is mashed with some salt, garlic powder and chipotle powder (smoked paprika would work too).

This blend spread on some fresh crisp toast makes for a very satisfying breakfast!