Misc. ramblings

This is where I tell you a bit more about me (if you’re curious)

  • I’m a Communications & PR professional, with a background in Children’s Rights & a Doctorate in Philosophy of Education.
  • I’m in my flirty 30’s and am happily married to a wonderful person.
  • I’ve lived in 4 countries but have maintained a cartoonish North American drawl my whole life.

I grew up in a vegetarian household and have lived without eating meat for the majority of my life; I developed some severe milk allergies and ate a vegan diet for nearly 7 years. This shift in diet created a new, unexplored chapter in my life- one that has profoundly impacted how I consume, purchase & cook food today.

Though I do eat dairy products on occasion now, a lot of what I cook & bake is still free from animal products. Growing up in North America I was convinced that there was no life without milk & cheese… I’m glad to say that I no longer hold on to that utterly ridiculous belief.

I love French fries. They are my kryptonite. No sauce, ketchup, curds, mayo, needed (for me).

I am in constant awe of people who create amazing recipes and food combinations. I mainly draw inspiration from vegan and vegetarian chefs. The truth is, they are the people who know their cuisine the best- they eat it, perfect it and are always on the quest to create satisfaction. Of course I do love looking to other non-veg chefs for inspiration, but the truth is that most mainstream chefs utilize & think of vegetarian cuisine as a side-show. In my opinion, most of these chefs have not demonstrated an understanding of how to satisfy the vegetarian or vegan palate. But luckily, the landscape is changing!

I can talk about food all day, night, week, month long. And I know that there are many of you out there who share this sentiment.






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