Don’t hide your Pride!

pride quality toronto
Toronto pride parade 2013

Friends, today I’m doing something new.

The unique position I find myself in these days is that I’ve created a blog about one of my true loves: food, and primarily vegetables. Yet often times my mind is racing with ideas about “unrelated” themes such as social justice, education, universality, rainbows, and my desire to be Mindy Kaling’s best friend.

And so for the last few weeks I’ve found myself debating whether I should (a) create a new blog for these thoughts (and more) or (b) shut up and write about food already!

Since (a) is too much work, I decided to mentally align myself with option (b)….


And this is why I’ve been silent for weeks! I’ve realized that I cannot motivate myself to write about food unless I allow myself to write about these other themes that are swimming around in my mind.

So I came up with lucky option (c) which is, from time to time, post non-food ramblings on this blog. For those of you who are thinking “hey now…I only signed up for luscious food blog posts”, feel free to skip the posts under my “non-food ramblings” category. For all the rest of you, enjoy, comment, and engage!

pride 2

Today I don’t want to write a novel, but I just want to express my utter joy at the Supreme Court decision in favour of marriage equality. As someone who was born in the USA, today I feel proud of the country. Yes, a great many social issues in the past year have made me cringe, and in some cases affected me to the core, but I think that today’s decision is much needed beacon of hope.

I remember a wonderful professor who once said to me “If you’re against the oppression of one group, you cannot be for the oppression of another.” It’s just plain contradictory. This is a quote I’ve used as one of my guiding principles for the past 14 years, and sums up exactly why I believe today’s decision is a stellar one.

I feel as though I could write a dissertation about this topic, but today is not about that. It’s about acknowledging wins and expressing appreciation.



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