Permission not to discuss food, for today

window museum
Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada

A very happy 2015 Friends! Please accept my belated wishes. At what point does it become obsolete to wish people a happy ‘new year’? Is there a cut-off point?

I will say from the outset that I don’t buy into the presumptions that:

  1. there is something particularly special about Jan 1st,
  2. this is the ONLY ‘new’ year,
  3. this is THE time of the year where we ought to reflect, respond, reinvent…ultimately, resolve.

Particularly the last one.

Most of us are fully capable of reflecting upon our lives on a daily basis. We can choose when and how we want to reinvent ourselves, without needing the permission of a ball-drop, fireworks, or an overrated date on the calendar.

The idealist in me insists that every moment is just as valid as the previous one to be able to start fresh and new. Missed the January 1st ‘start’ date for your resolutions? Or have you already had a cheat day? Fret not! You have permission to pause, regroup, and start again any moment you choose.

Today, on January 9, 2015, I choose to look up. It’s an intention to keep my gaze on the larger picture while being open to the unexpected. If at some point this year I decide to change this vision, I will allow myself to without any regret or need to ask the calendar’s permission.

Here’s to being in charge in 2015!


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