Day 14: Only one week left!


This morning we had to go to a friends for brunch, so I decided to ‘pre-game’ on the last of the potato pancakes from yesterday.

Friends! Thanks for following along with me on this journey. It’s been two weeks and it’s definitely been challenging at times.

The biggest aid has been advance preparation. I try and decide what I’m going to have throughout the week on the weekend and prepare my veggies in advance. Whether it’s chopping, grating, or roasting, it’s so helpful to have containers of different ingredients ready to go. This way I can mix and match as the week goes along.

Another thing I’ve realized is that if I take the time to eat breakfast at home, it’ll make the rest of the day just a bit better. When I take my breakfast with me to work, 8/10 times it won’t be eaten.

These are simple but immensely helpful learning’s.

What are your own breakfast rituals? Do you have sweet/savoury preference?


21 day


One thought on “Day 14: Only one week left!

  1. Preparation is key. I find I’ll be more inclined to cook off veggies or throw together salads on the fly if the ingredients are already washed/cut/etc. There’s also a better chance I won’t waste or throw away any vegetables too.


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