Day 13: Isa’s perfect potato pancakes


Saturday morning offered a welcome chance to slow down and make something wonderful. So this morning I made Isa’s delicious latke’s. Warm, crisp, perfectly seasoned potato pancakes with some apple sauce, to be exact. Her recipe is perfect; the only modification I made was to throw in some cayenne powder!

We ate this with some steamed spinach and chai!

Happy Saturday ya’ll! Day 13 done!



2 thoughts on “Day 13: Isa’s perfect potato pancakes

  1. Us non veg or vegans would use an egg as a binder instead of the matzoh meal and potato starch; but iit looks like a good recipe. I usually grate the onion in and add Mexican chilli powder or Chipotle chilli powder to my latkes. I used to hate restaurant latkes because they would always come so under seasoned. You can add whatever you want to these to make them taste how ever you want but they absolutely need a good amount of salt to not taste terrible. Use a food processor and leave the skin on the potatoes and you can throw these together in a few minutes.

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    1. Yeah totally makes sense. I wonder if the egg give it a crispier ‘shell’? Agree on the seasonings- this recipe was good in terms of the salt, but it was my preference to add cayenne-chipotle would have been wonderful but I think I overuse it (I have a chipotle addiction).


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