Day 6: Red Cabbage & Apple Salad with spicy honey mustard

cabbage apple pecan

Anyone else have to work today? Eek! It’s Saturday so my mind & body are telling me it’s a day off, but my inbox is contradicting that. But first…it was breakfast time!

I woke up with some major hunger pangs this morning. I knew that breakfast needed to be substantial. I started on some chai, since that’s the common denominator to all mornings. I was panged with indecision, but finally settled on this salad. I also made a grilled cheese sandwich because it felt right.

But oh this salad. After much coaxing my husband tried it and replied with a ‘wow.’

cabbage apple pecan

Now I’ve got to say that I am not often a fan of combining fruits with vegetables. I think for the sake of time, I will need to explain why later.

But for now, I will say that I don’t often put fruit in my salad. Today however, the apple & red cabbage were talking to me. The tart apple works well with the alkaline cabbage. Paired with a honey mustard and a handful of pecans, it’s a winning combination. For the dressing I just combined a 1/2 t of honey, a 1/2 t of Dijon mustard, a dash of cayenne, and a 1/2 tsp of water. Perfect and very easy to veganize- just replace the honey with some agave or brown rice syrup, and use less water to combine.

And the rest of the morning/afternoon was work…. #21daysofsaladforbreakfast

21 day



3 thoughts on “Day 6: Red Cabbage & Apple Salad with spicy honey mustard

  1. i tried this for dinner last night – i didn’t have pecans so used almond butter in the dressing. It’s so gooooood………..yum!


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