Confessions ‘n a cold

Fact: I don’t regularly include vegetables in my breakfast. In fact, part of the motivation to start this project was to do just that. So, this blog serves as a great platform for me to manifest my thoughts into action, and also allows me to share this journey with you.

I haven’t yet fully addressed the “but why vegetables for breakfast?” thoughts that you may be having. I hope that as I continue to blog, this question will be answered. But if you prefer an 11,108-word manifesto on the subject, I can do that too. Just as soon as I’m done opening up my salad for breakfast café.

But I digress…

This morning I woke up realizing that this cold that I’d been nursing for the past week, was not going to quit. And when I woke up, the last thing I wanted was a “salad” for breakfast. Although, it wouldn’t be completely foreign to me. The truth is that my sweet tooth has transitioned to a savoury one over the past few years. In the morning, in particular, I crave something nourishing, salty and hearty.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more vegetables into our diet, is to throw ‘em in a pot, let them gently stew (on their own or with other ingredients we desire), and ladle steaming heaps into big round bowls. A lot of people think that you lose tons of nutrients from overly cooking vegetables, particularly in soups. But actually as long as you:

  1. don’t boil the life out of your vegetables,
  2. cook them just until the veggies are tender,
  3. consume the water/broth that you’ve cooked the vegetables in (that’s where tons of the nutrients go),

then chances are you will have a very nutrient-rich meal. Not only that, but by gently cooking the vegetables, you’ve probably made them easier to digest and gentler on your system. An added bonus! So… soup for breakfast anyone? I’ll leave you with this picture for now, but with a promise for a full report & a recipe tomorrow 🙂 photo (2)


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