Salad for Breakfast?

There’s a very intentional question mark at the end of that title.

We sometimes have unconscious rigidity when it comes to our own food habits: rules that guide what we eat and when. Cereal in the morning, SSS (soup, salad, sandwich) at lunch, and some combination of the previous two meals at dinner. Often these habits are influenced by what we see in the media, what we’ve grown up with, what we’ve read about in a magazine.

What are some of your own food “rules”?

This blog is very much about thinking outside of the box when it comes to vegetables and general eating habits. I’m going to make an assumption that for most people, vegetables are very much a sideshow; an obligatory accompaniment. I’m not sure why that is (though I can make some pretty educated guesses), especially for the value that they bring to the table.

I’ll say from the outset that I’m no authority on the subject matter. I don’t have any academic background in nutrition and health. I only have my fervent interest in the subject, and my own life experience.

But it’s my hope that this is a space where you can reimagine the way you think about vegetables. I hope we can learn & share together. And who knows, there may be a paradigm shift which causes you to eat more vegetables, or try something you’ve never tried before, or (gulp) have a salad for breakfast.

Who knows?!


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